who i am

Hi there. I'm Cherise!

It's great to 'meet' you. A little about me, I’ve got three children of my own, a 5 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old. They are my absolute joys in life. I’ve also got a wonderful husband who’s been with me for over 7 years. He is incredibly supportive, fun and really easy going.

Our favorite family activities include exploring fun places in oregon, baking, reading  stories (we love to add in all of the fun sound effects and actions), and arts and crafts.  Honestly, just anything that we are doing together- we feel family time is very important with everything else that keeps us busy.

A few random facts about me

1.  I find peace in the calming effect of vacuuming. Weird, I know! Really- it’s true though! There is just something about the drowning out of other noises and the methodical lines of vacuuming that helps clear my mind.

2.  I love Target, though, I always seem to get more than I was planning on while there... Seriously though, how can you not? 

3.  I like crafts- the Pinterest kind (is there any other?), but I never seem to have enough time to finish them. I'm thinking I need to do a "Finish all your crafts night" with friends. Maybe more than one...

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my story

Photography started for me after my first child was born. I wanted to capture everything- it all seemed to be passing way too fast. All of her little expressions quickly changed to new ones and I wanted to have a tangible memory of it to show her when she was older. Well, i'm a perfectionist and found I wanted to know everything I could about what made an amazing photograph. What makes one image stand out, and another blend in. So I dove in, head first and started learning everything I possibly could about photography. Along the way I found that I was filling a huge part inside me. I LOVED it. I couldn't get enough! So now, I feel so blessed that so many are letting me fill my passion so fully.

I studied Interior Design at the Art Institute of Portland (and loved every minute of it!), and finshed with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management.

Enough gabbing about me, though. As you go through these pages, I hope you find the answers to your questions. Should you have any more questions or simply want to talk, I’m here.


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